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Intruder Alarms - Herefordshire Security for your home


Intruder alarm systems AKA Home burglar alarms are designed to detect unauthorised entry into a building. They have been around for a long time and nowadays they are pretty sophisticated and will give you a peace of mind when you sleep at night, or are away from home or on holiday.

The sight of a intruder alarm mounted on the side if your home will give intruders a second thought when attempting to enter your home.

Modern alarm systems can be accessed using your mobile phone, any time, anywhere. This enables you, or CRG, to be alerted when your alarm is triggered. This allows you to control your smart security from your phone.

They can be combined with close circuit TV (CCTV) to automatically record the activities of intruders, and can interface with access control systems for electronically locked doors. 

There is a very wide range of detectors on the market and CRG have many years of experience in recommending what the best is for you, your premise, and your pocket.

Choosing between an off the shelf alarm system from Amazon, eBay,  or your local supermarket compared to paying for a professional to recommend, install and set up an intruder alarm system can make a huge difference. Alarm systems need to be regularly maintained, they do go wrong from time to time and can cause problems like false alarms which is obviously stressful if you are way from home.

If you would like to book an appointment to come in for a chat, or alternatively give us a call directly, we can provide a FREE consultation and arrange to view your property to give you a detailed report on measures you should take to protect your home.

For more Info please see our page on Intruder Alarm systems

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