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Who we are..

We are a team of dedicated professionals from a variety of backgrounds ranging from the police service, crime prevention, armed forces, security sector, investigations, legal support services and social care management. Our experience is what makes us unique, our commitment and company ethos is what makes us the perfect partner choice. We are prolific thinkers, masters of multitasking, we have the skills and passion to create environments where we redefine security solutions and encourage change in the way our people and our clients think about security.

We are 16 people at CRG. 3 are former Police Officers. The oldest is 64. The youngest is 8 (our dog called ‘Dave’). Some can’t tell you what they used to do for a living (if they did, they would have to kill you). 1 has been on the telly…twice! We have a modest number of trusted security staff that have undergone our own internal training and vetting process, we do not employ anyone that does not meet our uncompromising company ethos, our core values and the high standards expected of our clients and the rest of the team.  

CRG was founded in 2014, High Hopes by Bruce Springsteen was number 1 in the album charts. Although not that long ago, adding up the collective years that we have been in the world of security and crime prevention would be both scary and depressing, so we’ll leave it there.  


What we do..

Our passion to bring solutions to security problems is what drives us forward every day. We pride ourselves on delivering cost effective solutions to our clients individual challenges and doing so on time and within budget. We communicate lavishly – with our customers and within our organisation. We are good at what we do.

We are leading the way in community initiatives and are investing resources in local communities. CRG is leading the Herefordshire Rural Watch community initiative, we provide free security advice and innovative security products, encouraging intelligence gathering and intelligence sharing in an effort to stop rural crime.

In 2018 we supported a former Royal Marine Commando and SBS veteran in an epic 3000 mile Solo Rowing Challenge crossing the Atlantic Ocean for veteran mental health and suicide prevention (see blog). We provide on-going support to St. Michael’s Hospice, Hereford Football Club, the Courtyard Theatre, Brecon Theatre, Torus Youth Football Club, Madley School and the British Military Martial Arts Club locally. We are passionate about supporting good causes and take pride in giving help and at least some direction to young people who have had challenging life experiences.


How we work..

The foundation for our work is a very simple idea. The more true value for the client – the more true value for the business. True value for the client can only be achieved through positive experiences. There is always a sense of fun at CRG, we work hard and despite our industry challenges, we try to enjoy our journey. We know when we need to step up and get the job done. We are professional in our approach, delivering relevant ideas, useable solutions and desirable products and services.  

We have a good working relationship with West Mercia Police and work closely with Police Crime Prevention and Rural Crime Prevention Officers in a joint collaboration with the Herefordshire Rural Watch community initiative. 


Where we are heading..

As we continue to place our emphasis on client satisafaction and an unparralleled level of serivce, we find we are growing steadily. We are aiming to grow to a sustainable level, where we can continue to deliver high standards, a fast response and client care and attention. Are there bigger companies than CRG, absolutely. Are there cheaper companies than CRG, yes maybe. Is there a company that puts its reputation and core values before anything else, ensuring that client satisfaction remains a priority and is such a company able to provide the same level of customer care that CRG provides? Show us! 


Work with us.

We are always on the look out for exciting new projects and new clients to work with. If you wanted some advice or guidance, or just fancy a chat, prattle on or shoot the breeze, get in touch by telephone or send us an email, we’d be happy to hear from you. Simply click the Contact Us button and we can get started.

Corporate Services (Hereford)
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