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CRG works closely with Crime Prevention Officers (CPO's) at West Mercia Police and is the Principal Member of Herefordshire Rural Watch community initiative.

CRG is uniquely placed to help with Crime Prevention, a number of our management team are from former Police backgrounds with many years experience in creating strategies that deter crime and reduce the risk of becoming a statistic. Crime prevention does not have to mean spending a large amount of money on elaborate security systems, simple routines can significantly reduce the risks.

Our crime prevention staff are happy to conduct a thorough crime prevention survey for you. We will advise on simple cost effective methods of protecting your property which may include routines, recording and sharing occurrences, property marking and information on locks, home and business crime prevention products and where to obtain them at discounted prices. CRG works with a number of agencies and companies that offer discounted services and products to help with crime prevention, as do we.

CRG is the Principle Member of Herefordshire Rural Watch, a community initiative which focuses on rural crime in the West Mercia force area. Working with the local Police, crime prevention representatives, members of the public and other agencies offering crime prevention. Our aim is to assist in a common aim – reducing crime through information sharing and education. We share intelligence and offer free advice over social media and on the Herefordshire Rural Watch website in order to help you protect your home or business.

Feel free to contact us for advice on any aspect of crime prevention or for on-going, up to date information on crime occurrences in the Herefordshire area, you can…

1. Like us on Facebook – CRG Security Services Ltd and Herefordshire Rural Watch

2. Follow us on Twitter – @CRGSecurity and @HfdsRuralWatch

3. Sign Up for email notifications of crime related matters on your local police force area website.


Further crime prevention information sources…

‘Rural Matters’ – West Mercia Police have launched Rural Matters, a campaign aimed at crime in rural areas. Details can be found on the West Mercia Police website at

‘Herefordshire Rural Watch’ –

‘The Crime Prevention Website’ – take a few minutes to try the free online survey and find out how secure your home is at

‘Smart Water’ – Smart Water provide kits to enable DNA marking of your property, they have a proven track record of reducing crime and repatriating property to it’s rightful owners.

‘Facewatch’ – Facewatch enables your business to use CCTV technology to share information and images on crime with other businesses in your local community and with the Police. 

You can also contact your local Police Crime Prevention Officer in your force area. Simply go to your local Police force website.

Why choose CRG for your Crime Prevention?

As part of CRG’s core values, above everything else, our clients come first. We have the latest crime trends and reports available to us. We have been in the business of preventing crime for over 20 years. Our advice is free of charge and comes without obligation.

We do things differently at CRG, contact us to see how doing things differently can have a positive impact on your security.   

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