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An effective perimeter intrusion detection system is a vital part of the overall security management of a site, which is crucial for high profile outdoor sites. Our range of perimeter security systems can contain sophisticated sensor devices to detect and identify the nature of intrusions. Perimeter protection systems allow customers to monitor, limit and control access to specific regions or areas.

If you are looking for quality perimeter security products there are a number of options to consider:

  • Recreational fencing systems are our most popular of fencing systems, they are perfect for most applications such as puplic areas, schools, colleges, homes and housing estates, factories and commercial premises. We offer varied and attractive options that are hard wearing and aesthically pleasing including single and twin wire mesh, galzanised or colour dip coated.   
  • Electric perimeter fence technology is a powerful intruder detection system (PID), which can also be attached to existing perimeter fencing. It is a strong physical and visual deterrent.
  • Sensor cable is a highly reliable perimeter detection system with a sensor cable which attaches to a new or existing security fence. It provides an early warning system which links to the alarm centre providing vital protection from intruders. Both commercial and industrial sites find this system a useful, economical and secure detection service for their sites.
  • Microwave detection technology uses microwave beams whereby a transmitter generates a microwave beam in order to create a protection zone, triggering an alarm if intrusion is detected.
  • Infrared Sensors are advanced, stand-alone high-performance sensors for short and medium range outdoor intrusion detection applications.

High-end perimeter systems are sophisticated in nature and are used by a number of different companies in the defence and security sector or organisations that offer sensitive services or related products. Further perimeter solutions we offer include the following…

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Advanced high risk security fencing
  • Sensitive site security systems 
  • Manual and automated access systems
  • Vertical bar system
  • Horizontal bar systems
  • Recreation railing systems
  • Single and twin wire mesh systems
  • High reach sports systems
  • Spectator railing systems
  • Temporary fencing systems
  • Security fixings and innovative options 
  • Full consultation, survey, design and installation service.

We also offer a varied range of barriers, bollards and forecourt security products, including manual and automated barriers, ramps, vehicle, smoking and cycle shelters. 

If you require quality perimeter security CRG can serve all your needs. With our expert knowledge and extensive experience in the security industry we can provide effective, reliable and attractive perimeter security systems for all applications.

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