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Legal Mentions

Protection of the Public Policy

CRG Security Solutions and CRG Security Services Ltd recognise their responsibility to the wider community and the role it has to play in protecting the public.

To support this all of our licensed officers receive awareness training in the Project Griffin initiative which is designed to encourage members of the community to work in partnership with the police to deter and detect terrorist activity and crime. All of our officers are empowered to recognise and report suspicious activity and behaviour to the police.

There is also an expectation that if in the course of their day to day duties our officers see evidence of criminal activity or anti-social behaviour they will either report it directly to the local police or do so via their control centre. In the event that they do identify such incidents the officers are instructed they must not put themselves at risk of harm or injury. The officers have also received a similar instruction if they identify vulnerable people that may require protection to ensure their safety.

Members of the management team have received awareness training in Project Argus. This is a NaCTSO led initiative which asks businesses and other organisations to consider their preparedness for terrorist attack. It explores what is likely to happen in the event of a terrorist attack and identifies the measures that can assist in preventing, handling and recovering from such an incident.

Our door supervisors are trained to identify vulnerable people and know what steps to take to protect them. The aim is to enable door staff to support police in taking an active role in ensuring the safety of the public.


Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility has long been embedded in the way we do things at CRG – not becuase we feel an obligation to do so, but because we genuinely believe it’s the righ thing to do. Our key areas of focus are on local communities and businesses, the environment, health and safety and of course, our people.

Communities and businesses

Our aim to provide safe environments for our clients to live and work and where they can be confident that our prodcuts ans services are keeping them safe, keeping their personal and business assets protected in order for them to achieve their own goals. This takes many shapes and forms – from leading specific initiatives, to helping drive tangible socioeconomic improvements because of the way we do business.


As the goverenment sets even higher standard to meet the challenges posed by climate change, we are committed to measuring, monitoring and improving our carbon footprint. We continue to take proactive steps, both on behalf of our cleints and within our own organisation, to minimise our impact on the environment.

Health and safety

We work closely with our clients, partner, employees and insurers to ensure that we follow best practice throughout our business, and make health and safety our number one priority. We support national campaings such as carbon monoxide awareness with the HSE in order to implement safe working strategies and keep ahead of future safety legislation in order to provide the best possible ‘future proof’ systems for all our clients.


In addition to ensuring our people work in a healthy and safe environment, we are committed to creating opportunities whilst promoting equality and diversity. We continue to strive to ensure that our people strategies (both recruitment and development) reflect our commitment to corporate responsibility, which is acheived by our in-house development training programmes.



Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

CRG Security Solutions and CRG Security Services Ltd recognise that bribery and corruption has a detrimental impact on communities, whever this occurs. Bribery is a criminal offence and corrupt acts expose CRG and it’s employees and directors to the risk of prosecution, fines and imprisonment, as well as endangering CRG’s reputation. It is the policy of CRG to fully comply with all anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws of the UK and any country in which we do business in.

All persons who might be dealing with CRG, either yourself or on your behalf anywhere in the world, including your subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees and representatives, including any agency personnel (your affiliates) must be made aware of our policies and act consistently within them when dealing with CRG and our employees, officers and directors.

CRG has a zero tolerance of bribery and corruption. This policy has been adopted by CRG Security Solutions and CRG Security Services Ltd and hs been communicated to everyone in and dealing with our business to ensure their commitment to it.

CRG expects our business partners, suppliers, contractors and their affiliates to act with the utmost integrity and without thought of actions involving bribery and or corruption and will, where appropriate, include clauses to this effect in relavant contracts.

CRG prohibits the offering, giving, solicitation or the acceptance of any bribe whether cash or other inducement. To or from any person or company, wherever they are situated and whether they are a public official, or corporate body or private individual. By any individual, employee, agent of other person or body acting on CRG’s behalf. In order to gain any commercial, contractual or regulatory advantage for CRG in a way which is unethical. Or in order to gain any personal advantage, financial or otherwise, for the individual or anyone connected with the individual.

CRG, in its ongoing efforts to keep its high standards and with a view to upholding its position on against any form of bribery and corruption, has implemented:

  1. A clear Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, with detailed guidance and procedures covering matters such as faciliation payments, gifts, hospitality, political donations and whistle blowing.
  2. Training for employees so that they recognise and avoid the use of bribery by themselves and others.
  3. Suitable channels of communication which encourages vigilance and reporting of any suspicion of bribery and ensures information is treated sensitively and appropriately.
  4. Rigorous investigating procedures for instances of alleged bribery.
  5. Procedures for taking firm and vigorous action against and individuals involved in bribery.

You must establish and maintain effective controls procedures to prevent any violations of law, including, but not limited to, the Bribery Act 2010, by you and our affiliates. If you discover, or have formed a reasonable belief, that you or any affiliates may have violated any applicable law whist doing business with CRG, you must notify us immediately.

Strict attention to the principles set forth in this policy is vital in maintaining the health of our respective organisations, as well as our good business relationship and we look forward to your co-operation in this regard. 

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