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CRG's canine security section definately has teeth..! We provide a varied range of security and detection services involving the use of professionally trained dogs with handlers.

Our clients face a wide and varied range of physical threats that may involve theft, organised crime, property and asset vandalism or crowd management and public disorder. Our canine security section has evolved to respond to such security threats and has become a valued part of a large number of our guarding projects. Our dogs are carefully selected as young adults for appropriate temperament and flexibility to work across a range of services including static security, crowd control and mobile security patrols. We also train and supply dogs for the detection of drugs, explosives and we provide dogs for personal protection and search and rescue clients.

All our trained dogs are provided with our own SIA licenced and fully insured dog handlers. They work as a standalone security service or they work seamlessly with our event security services as an addition to manned guarding and security patrols. The use of well-trained security dogs has proven to be a successful and cost effective method of controlling physical confrontation. The use of enhanced security measures such as security dogs provides the ultimate physical and psychological deterrent against any criminal activity.

  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Ports
  • Marinas
  • Education
  • Sporting Events
  • Music Festivals
  • Event Management
  • Corporate Events
  • Mobile and static security
  • Drug detection dogs
  • Explosive detection dogs
  • Personal protection dogs
  • Search and rescue dogs
  • Canine training courses
  • Crowd management
  • Bailiff eviction support

Drug detection dogs.

Our drug detection dogs are capable of detecting a wide range of drugs including Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin and Amphetamines. We provide our services to specialist hospitals within the healthcare sector as well as schools, colleges, ports, hotels, music festivals and places of work.

We also provide a drug awareness programme to schools, colleges and higher education centres. Once this programme is implemented, the prevention aspect far outweighs the actual result of the search. Random regular inspections are favoured by companies, educational institutes and medical facilities that wish to maintain a drug free environment.

Explosive detection dogs.

CRG provides explosive detection dog teams trained to the highest professional standard. Licensed by the Police, our specialist dogs are trained on a wide range of commercial and military explosives including Semtex, TNT, C4, PE4, Gelignite and Cordex.

Home and family protection.

CRG only uses the most capable dogs for its training programme resulting in a well socialised, highly obedient and balanced dog. Our trained dogs defend their handlers on command and in situations where a credible threat is imminent. If you are worried about family or home protection, please contact us and discuss having a dog trained to suit your lifestyle and personal security requirements.

Dog training courses.

CRG offers a range of dog training courses, please contact us for more information on all our canine services and training course options.

Contact us for further information on any aspect of canine security and protection services.


Why choose CRG for your Canine Security?

The use of enhanced security measures such as security dogs provides the ultimate physical and psychological deterrent against any criminal activity.

CRG has many years experience in the use and training of dogs for the security industry which includes working overseas. Our trainers are drawn from former careers as dog handlers within the British Armed Forces.

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